Going hard… too hard

Last week I took a few days to recover after slightly overdoing it the week before. On the Monday I did about 10K with my friend and we did some pretty big hills (which my body isn’t used to). We took turns pushing his son in a stroller, so we went a bit slower than we’re both used to running. Wednesday I did an easy 5K, Thursday I did 8km of hill sprints, Friday I did a pretty easy 10K, then the following Monday I did another 11K. Essentially I did a bit more than a full marathon (44km) over the span of a week and it left me feeling less than stellar. Legs were sore and stiff, body wasn’t adjusting to the amount of food I needed to eat, my whole body was achy and in need of a massage. It was a great reminder of how important it is to take your time working your way up in mileage. It was also a real eye opener as to how hard running that distance in a matter of 4 hours will be on my body and the amount of training and preparation I’m going to need to do. I’m quite glad I’ve given myself a year to work my way up to there. Continue reading

Getting started and re-started

It has been a couple of years now since I’ve been very active in running. In the spring of 2013 I ran my first half marathon, in the spring of 2014 I ran my second half marathon, that autumn I ran a 5K race, but since then I’ve just been going for a run or two a month when I feel inspired (and realise that I haven’t run for about a month) to keep my streak alive of running at least once per month since January of 2013. Continue reading

The Nativity of Jesus

holyfamilyI recently saw this different take on the Nativity of Jesus shared in a Facebook group I follow and have been thinking about the image for a few days. I keep going back to it looking at it again and again and thinking about how realistic the image looks in comparison to the traditional image that I’ve seen for so many years – the image of Mary on one side, Joseph on the other side, and the newborn baby Jesus lying in the manger between them. Continue reading

Upgrading to LED

aaeaaqaaaaaaaatiaaaajdu0oduzzwjkltlhodqtngjhzc04zdi3ltzlmwjkodc5zwzkzgFive years ago when my new bride and I came home to begin our new life together, one of the first things that I started doing as a simple upgrade was changing out any old incandescent bulbs to the well known compact fluorescent (twisty bulb) lamps. We had different colour temperatures and wattages all over the house, but we were being energy efficient. Not only were we making the greener choice we were going to save money in the long run because they lasted longer and were cheaper to run. We even bought a big box of CF lamps from Costco to replace them as they died. Continue reading