My First Marathon


It has been about a month and a half since I ran my first marathon. While it’s not something I plan on repeating in the near future, there are a few things that I learned from the experience and I want to share it with anyone willing to take the time to read it.

I had set some extremely ambitious goals early on that changed dramatically through the course of my training. When I first decided to do the race I was hoping to qualify for Boston (which would have meant a 3:05:00 marathon for my age group and sex). That quickly changed as my 5K pace would have made it tight if I were able to maintain that for 42.2km. By the end of my training my three goals were:

  1. Finish the marathon
  2. Run the entire race
  3. Finish in less than 4:15:00

I met one of those goals. Continue reading

Running Technique

As I continue to train for my marathon in September and my distances continue to grow, I’ve had a lot of discussions about running with friends who are interested in my progress. These discussions often lead to questions along the lines of how I went from struggling through 6K in early March to running 20K by the end of April, how I increase distance so quickly, how I manage to not get injured, and what I think about while I’m running for over two hours. Most of which can be summed up with one answer: running technique.

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Re-Starting Again and A New Run Tracker

My running was going great in the autumn and I was comfortably running more than 10K by the end of September. In November, however, my running hit a wall. Weather was getting colder, and sleep was a lot harder to come by with the birth of our third baby. I took two full months off before slowly getting started again in January (and by slowly, I mean I went for a single 5K run on January 1). I went for a couple short runs in February, but March is the first month where I’ve been really looking forward to running again. So far I’m still only at about 60km, but it has been several short runs, and longer runs will need to start again soon if I’m going to run this marathon in September. Continue reading

Going hard… too hard

Last week I took a few days to recover after slightly overdoing it the week before. On the Monday I did about 10K with my friend and we did some pretty big hills (which my body isn’t used to). We took turns pushing his son in a stroller, so we went a bit slower than we’re both used to running. Wednesday I did an easy 5K, Thursday I did 8km of hill sprints, Friday I did a pretty easy 10K, then the following Monday I did another 11K. Essentially I did a bit more than a full marathon (44km) over the span of a week and it left me feeling less than stellar. Legs were sore and stiff, body wasn’t adjusting to the amount of food I needed to eat, my whole body was achy and in need of a massage. It was a great reminder of how important it is to take your time working your way up in mileage. It was also a real eye opener as to how hard running that distance in a matter of 4 hours will be on my body and the amount of training and preparation I’m going to need to do. I’m quite glad I’ve given myself a year to work my way up to there. Continue reading