Working on Award Winning Projects

For the second time in as many work days, I found out that a project that I worked on won an award! Two heritage buildings that I have worked on since joining Callidus Engineering are ReVita Medical Esthetics and Spa at 1541 Hyde Park Road and the Old East Village Grocer at 630 Dundas Street. This London Free Press article discusses the 2017 Heritage Award Winners. Another project that I worked on that earned us our name on a recognition plaque was the Bayham Community Centre in Straffordville, Ontario.  Continue reading

Upgrading to LED

aaeaaqaaaaaaaatiaaaajdu0oduzzwjkltlhodqtngjhzc04zdi3ltzlmwjkodc5zwzkzgFive years ago when my new bride and I came home to begin our new life together, one of the first things that I started doing as a simple upgrade was changing out any old incandescent bulbs to the well known compact fluorescent (twisty bulb) lamps. We had different colour temperatures and wattages all over the house, but we were being energy efficient. Not only were we making the greener choice we were going to save money in the long run because they lasted longer and were cheaper to run. We even bought a big box of CF lamps from Costco to replace them as they died. Continue reading

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light Coloured Sunrise Simulation

aaeaaqaaaaaaaas5aaaajgzim2m1zgfilwq1mjmtnguzmy1hyty0lwjhzme1mjgxote4mwIt has been about two weeks since Sunny – our new alarm clock – was delivered to our house. I learned about the wake-up light about a year and a half ago at a Philips lighting seminar in Toronto. The idea captivated me then, the videos and reviews of how it worked enthralled me while researching it further, and so far for me, it has lived up to my expectations. Continue reading