Running Technique

As I continue to train for my marathon in September and my distances continue to grow, I’ve had a lot of discussions about running with friends who are interested in my progress. These discussions often lead to questions along the lines of how I went from struggling through 6K in early March to running 20K by the end of April, how I increase distance so quickly, how I manage to not get injured, and what I think about while I’m running for over two hours. Most of which can be summed up with one answer: running technique.

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Re-Starting Again and A New Run Tracker

My running was going great in the autumn and I was comfortably running more than 10K by the end of September. In November, however, my running hit a wall. Weather was getting colder, and sleep was a lot harder to come by with the birth of our third baby. I took two full months off before slowly getting started again in January (and by slowly, I mean I went for a single 5K run on January 1). I went for a couple short runs in February, but March is the first month where I’ve been really looking forward to running again. So far I’m still only at about 60km, but it has been several short runs, and longer runs will need to start again soon if I’m going to run this marathon in September. Continue reading

Working on Award Winning Projects

For the second time in as many work days, I found out that a project that I worked on won an award! Two heritage buildings that I have worked on since joining Callidus Engineering are ReVita Medical Esthetics and Spa at 1541 Hyde Park Road and the Old East Village Grocer at 630 Dundas Street. This London Free Press article discusses the 2017 Heritage Award Winners. Another project that I worked on that earned us our name on a recognition plaque was the Bayham Community Centre in Straffordville, Ontario.  Continue reading