Re-Starting Again and A New Run Tracker

My running was going great in the autumn and I was comfortably running more than 10K by the end of September. In November, however, my running hit a wall. Weather was getting colder, and sleep was a lot harder to come by with the birth of our third baby. I took two full months off before slowly getting started again in January (and by slowly, I mean I went for a single 5K run on January 1). I went for a couple short runs in February, but March is the first month where I’ve been really looking forward to running again. So far I’m still only at about 60km, but it has been several short runs, and longer runs will need to start again soon if I’m going to run this marathon in September.

For close to a year now, my Nike+ running app has been recommending that I update to the NRC (Nike Running Club) app which I had heard was having a lot of problems. It wasn’t until several features were no longer working on the Nike+ app that I reluctantly updated. The problems started right away. The GPS was losing me on my runs, maps weren’t recording properly, I was no longer able to share my runs on social media (just a picture of my distorted map with some statistics)… the app that I had been running with and thoroughly enjoying for over 5 years was no longer cutting it.

I started talking to a friend about other options, and there are other great apps out there. I decided to go a slightly different route though and instead of running with my phone, I found a Garmin Forerunner 10 watch on Kijiji and have started running with that. It looks like something that I would have worn to elementary school back in the 90s, but it works great for running.

My first run it tracked my regular 5K route the same as the old Nike+ app would have, with kilometre markers coming at the same points that I’m used to, making a noise and giving me my split time. The time and distance are always there to check on easily and there was no distortion on my map when I plugged it in to my computer and I was able to set everything up and share my run easily enough. It’s a good starter watch, but I have a feeling that as I’m out running more often, I’m going to want something that has more capabilities (especially Bluetooth so that I don’t need to plug the phone in to my laptop each time I want to get my statistics). The Garmin Forerunner 35 is the one that I already have my eye on. It’s much sleeker looking, has several features that the 10 doesn’t have, and is a watch that I (and my wife) will be less embarrassed that I wear it all the time.

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