New House Progress – 1 week after moving

After moving day, our progress slowed down as we focused more on unpacking and settling into the new house with the children. It wasn’t until Wednesday that we really got back to work on the upgrades again.

Sammy and I playing some baseball in the backyard

Wednesday I completed the power receptacles in the kitchen and spare bedroom/office, Jenny put up the curtain rod and curtains in our bedroom, and we put up a tree swing that the children have been really enjoying.

Sam and Gianna enjoy the new tree swing

Thursday I got the exterior lighting fixtures installed, more lighting controls done, we did some more landscaping, then we had a family campfire for dinner!

Campfire for dinner? Yes please!

Friday Jenny and I focused on the lower level – we got the spare bedroom cleared out which had a lot of extra boxes, got the desk moved in and started setting up the entertainment area (though we’re still waiting for the TV wall mount). After some running around in London, we picked up curtains for the children’s bedrooms and the last few cover plates for light switches. We also got word that the kitchen appliances will likely be delivered in just over a week. Hopefully some before/after photos will be coming soon. We’re getting close to finishing up a lot of the living areas!

Jenny hanging laundry on the clothesline after our dryer quit.

New House Progress – Moving Day

Moving day arrived and went off mostly without a hitch! A great crew was waiting and eager to help as we rolled up with the truck around 8:30am. With some great organizing of the truck it was loaded and the old house was empty by 9:30! After some coffee and donuts we were on the road shortly after 10 and driving through rain on our way to Parkhill. It was mostly clear with some light rain as we unloaded the truck and van, then pizza and beer were enjoyed by most by noon! A huge thank you to Jenny who made sure everything was as organized as possible before moving day, and another big thanks to all of the moving crew who helped out in London and/or Parkhill. The children are thoroughly enjoying their new backyard and their new bedrooms… Let the unpacking and finishing touches begin!

First stop on moving day: Timmy’s to fuel the crew.

Loaded and organized by 9:30. Ready to hit the road!

At the new house. Hopefully the rain holds off…

The line of cars of helpers. Thanks again guys!

Photo credit to Cesar Abeid. Thanks for snapping some shots of one of the most efficient moves in history!

New House Progress – Thursday/Friday

Thursday was another productive day at the house! The flooring guys were able to finish up a day early, I replaced the last interior light fixture (on that note, if anyone needs inefficient incandescent light bulbs, I’ve got several extras!), receptacles and lighting controls got replaced in bedrooms, and a lot more landscaping was completed (mostly by Jenny, though I helped with the cutting and burning). When we got back to London, we got the children’s beds disassembled and packed in the van so they can be assembled at the new house and ready for them after we move.

These bulbs were throughout the whole house. That just won’t do!

Jenny’s handy work timing a tree.

Starting a fire to burn off some freshly trimmed wood.

Friday got off to a bit of a later start with appliance shopping in the morning for the kitchen. Jenny is quite excited to have a double oven on the way. Before that we spent time preparing the London house for moving day… which is TOMORROW!

Receptacles got finished up in the last bedroom and living room. Beds got assembled so that we have a place to sleep after the move, and we did some general tidying to prepare for tomorrow. There are still a few items on the to-do list, but there’s still a whole other week off!

Sam’s bedroom, minus the furniture.

Gianna and Teresa’s beds are set up!

New House Progress – Wednesday

It was a slower start to the day for us today as we were confined to the basement for the most part. It is now complete though! Jenny put the last coat of paint on while I finished the light fixtures, then I did the basement receptacles and started on some lighting control.

Receptacle replacement in the downstairs guest room.

The flooring is progressing upstairs – the bedrooms were started and finished along with the living room. The kitchen got started and is also progressing well.

The flooring is complete in the girls’ room!

After the rain stopped, we headed outside to get landscaping things done. Tom and family were by to help out as well. I got the grass cut (only took about an hour) while Tom did the edging, we did some tree trimming, and Jenny focused on weeding. I also got the new lock on the garage door and organized some tools in the garage.

Cutting the grass

One of the many back gardens with weeding progress.

Tree trimming in the front yard

My First Marathon


It has been about a month and a half since I ran my first marathon. While it’s not something I plan on repeating in the near future, there are a few things that I learned from the experience and I want to share it with anyone willing to take the time to read it.

I had set some extremely ambitious goals early on that changed dramatically through the course of my training. When I first decided to do the race I was hoping to qualify for Boston (which would have meant a 3:05:00 marathon for my age group and sex). That quickly changed as my 5K pace would have made it tight if I were able to maintain that for 42.2km. By the end of my training my three goals were:

  1. Finish the marathon
  2. Run the entire race
  3. Finish in less than 4:15:00

I met one of those goals. Continue reading